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Verve Coffee

Los Angeles

A modest celebration of community, friendship and collaboration.  When distilled down to its essence, West-bourne exhilarates through neighborhood camaraderie and vegetarian fare.  By breaking down barriers and divisions through communal seating and an open floor plan that invites everyone into the creative process, strangers quickly become friends. Partially inspired by a 1960s Los Angeles aesthetic, purposeful design evolution is conveyed through the use of flora, handcrafted elements and natural materials with intentional imperfections.  This offers a warm, layered atmosphere ripe with textured refinements inducing a homey, comfortable feeling—one that causes patrons to forget they’re in a commercial space, and get swept up in the overwhelming perception that they’ve just been invited to an intimate gathering of close friends and loved ones.  Infusing industrial finishes; specially curated artwork that includes a handmade installation by Carly Kuhn entitled, “The Cartorialist;” clever use of artistic executions of required postings including a choking sign created by dual coast artist Mary Corman; and custom furniture crafted for its personality and casual comfort with a retro infusion, redefining the NYC dining experience. The juxtaposition of old brick and other traditional materials with thriving colors, clean edges and modern execution, conjures a blended sense of contemporary nostalgia.  Playfully landscaped ceiling in the bathrooms and meticulously placed lighting for seamless transition from day to night, make it easy to lose yourself in life’s wonderful moments. Eclectic, decadent vegetarian dishes combined with continuous charitable donations create a full-blown, socially conscious experience.

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