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Young Joni


Tucked away in the North East of Minneapolis "Minneapolis Arts District", is a hidden culinary gem. A painstakingly designed disused warehouse and inspired, multi-cultural cuisine offer a savory, relaxed, invigorating dining experience that helps patrons slow down and enjoy life’s precious moments. Conceived and developed in association with 2017 James Beard Award semifinalist Chef/Owner Ann Kim to elevate our palates by mirroring her perception of America in her cooking—a continuing conversation between diverse cultures—approachable, traditional fare with a slightly eccentric twist.  She presents her simple culinary artistry in a manner that promotes sharing and invigorates our kid-like sensibilities. The menu is comprised of globally influenced, wood-fire prepared meats, fish, vegetables and signature pizzas with a nod toward her Korean roots. The atmosphere is an optimal fusion of warmth, comfort and sophistication that begins in the stunning main dining area and continues to the cozy back bar.


Graphic Identity: Dan Ibarra

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